My office is located at 5297 College Ave., Suite 101, Oakland, CA 94618.  My office is a short walk from the Rockridge BART Station and is near a few AC Transit Bus Stops.  There is metered parking on College Ave. and free parking up to 2 and 4 hours in neighborhood permit parking areas. 

Although my office address is on College Ave., the office building is located behind other buildings on College Ave. The easiest way to get to my office is to walk through an alley between High Peaks Kitchen, 5299 College Ave. and Marica Restaurant, 5301 College Ave. On your left, you will see a large green building and then my office building which is a two story building that is brick on the bottom floor and green on the top floor. There are two entrances to the building.  Take the first entrance on your left (you will see my name on the door) and enter the door code (which I send in the initial appointment message) to enter the building.  Once you are in the building, you will see the waiting room on your right. In the waiting room, please flip the switch next to my office number.  A red light will turn on in the waiting room and in my office which will signal to me that you have arrived.